North-Troms’ spectacular arctic nature is characterised by contrasts. Experience a sun that never sets during the summer months, and a perpetual night sky illuminated by northern lights in the winter. Nature has shaped all of us living here. Our indigenous people were nomads, living of hunting and fishing before they took up reindeer herding. The first people to build permanent homes did so along the coast, the Sea Samis.

Later, new settlers arrived. The Norwegians took the sea route north. They cleared land to build farms. From Bottenvika, and the Swedish and Finnish parts of the Torne Valley came the Kvens. North Troms became the meeting place between three peoples: the Sami, the Norwegians and the Kvens.

Living side by side we learned to respect both each other and the knowledge the different ethnic groups brought with them. Today many of us have a diverse heritage. Our traditions and customs are expressed across ethnic backgrounds. We are proud of our diverse cultural heritage, and the shared values brought forth by hundreds of years of co-existence. 


Visit us, and you can:

- Drink campfire coffee and listen to local stories about history and culture
- Visits the world’s northernmost syrup factory
- Dine on traditional food based on wild game and local produce or buy edible gifts to take home
- Have a good night’s sleep in tranquil surroundings
- Visit the local craftsman designer in the workshop, and pick up some traditional craft secrets
- Buy local made souvenirs
- Take a break from driving to visit a real, vibrant village market